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Aprons Meaning


Aprons date back as far as the 1500s, when Women started embellishing them with expensive embroidery, bows and lace.

Distinctive aprons in history:

  • Checkered aprons were worn by English barbers and Bakers
  • White Aprons were worn by Stonemasons
  • Black Aprons were worn by Cobblers
  • Blue Striped Aprons were worn by Butchers
  • Green Aprons were worn by Butlers
  • Blue Aprons were worn by Gardeners or Weavers

Nowadays, aprons are worn in homes, bars, cafes, tea houses and restaurants. 

Why Wear An Apron

Aprons have numerous advantages, such as:-

  • Worn for hygienic purposes (your clothes have probably been in contact with the outside world at some point of the day and have been exposed to dust, dirt and germs).
  • To prevent your clothes from spills during cooking, serving, gardening, painting, craft or cleaning
  • Act as a protective barrier


Apron Definition

An apron is a piece of clothing that you wear to protect your clothes and yourself while you cook or work.


Types of Aprons

There are numerous type of apron designs that have been created, here are some of them:-

  • Half Apron (only provides protection from the waist down). Very popular as a cafe apron or teacher apron.
  • Cobbler Apron (slips over your head and has apron strings either side of the waist)
  • Full Apron (Covers the whole body in one piece of fabric)
  • Bib Apron (Similar to a full apron but has a specific piece - bib attached to the waist)
  • Retro Apron or Vintage Apron (has a swing like skirt feel to the apron)
Aprons Meaning
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